Ignite your Passion

Boys: Grade 6 – 8

Calling all aspiring young male basketball players in grades 6-8!

Are you ready to ignite your passion, elevate your skills, and unleash your full potential on the court?

Join us at our action-packed Ignite Your Passion Boys’ Basketball Camp, where you’ll take your game to new heights and develop the winning mindset to excel both on and off the court!

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Program Description

🏀 Skill Enhancement for All Levels

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, our dedicated coaches will help you fine-tune your dribbling, shooting, passing, and defensive skills through cutting-edge drills and personalized feedback. Unleash your inner champion and watch your game soar.

🚀 Dynamic Role Models

Learn from our skilled coaching staff, featuring accomplished players and seasoned professionals who are passionate about mentoring the next generation of basketball stars. Gain valuable insights and tips to excel in the game and beyond.

🧠 Mental Edge Training

Strengthen essential mental skills like focus, determination, and self-belief. Our sports psychologists and mental performance coaches will equip you with the tools to thrive under pressure, overcome challenges, and become a natural leader.

🏆 High-Energy Scrimmages

Put your new skills to the test in action-packed scrimmages and game simulations. Experience the adrenaline rush of competition while mastering the art of teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking in a fun and supportive atmosphere..

🔥 Exclusive Camp Swag

Show off your camp pride with an Ignite Your Passion Boys’ Basketball Camp uniform, custom gear, and other cool merchandise.

🤝 Lasting Connections

Bond with like-minded boys who share your passion for basketball. Forge lifelong friendships, support each other’s growth, and create a powerful network that will fuel your basketball journey for years to come..

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Other Programs available

EI #1

Self Awareness

Self Awareness is the ability to understand your emotions and others emotions and how you  react to them.

EI #2


Motivation is based on learning to be intrinsically motivated.

EI #3


Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel.

EI #4

Social Skills

This refers to the skills needed to handle and influence other people’s emotions effectively.

EI #5

Self Regulation

It includes your ability to manage your impulses.

What you’ll learn

 If an athlete is to be an elite one, they must demonstrate exemplary Mental skills, Team IQ, Healthy Habits, have incredible Focus, and we teach them to be happy with themselves and their progress. Athletes who like themselves, happy supportive families and love what they play can be successful athletes. Teaching athletes mental skills is like giving them powerful skills with the added bonus of preventing phone addiction and mental health issues.

“Small changes, Big impact”

It took a while to get the entire team through all the material.  Once they all started to dicuss among themselves it was amazing to see how the team shared what they learned, what new strategies they were trying, what was working for them and what wasn’t.  Definitely worth it.

Michael Dunne